Mango Man Diet


The Mango Man Diet


Dr. Wayne “The Mango Man” Pickering,  N.D., Th.D., Sc.M. is an Author of 25 Books, a Nutritional Performance Coach, and Lifestyle Management Consultant with a Doctorate in Naturopathy, Theology and a Masters Degree in Nutrition. 

He is Past President of the National Speakers Association in Florida and has spoken in five countries! He is a guest on several TV & Radio Shows, Podcasts and Webinars!

His prognosis was death at age 30 because of 3 serious bouts with Rheumatic Fever, Rheumatoid Arthritis for months, wounded on his 3rd term in The Vietnam War, 3 horrible episodes with Gout, Cancer on his Right Lip, dozens of devastating Bicycle Accidents, etc. 

Now over 72 years young, he is an award winning Triathlete and a double nominee for the Healthy American Fitness Leader Award who teaches people how to get Older and Better and NOT Old and Bitter! 

He is a licensed Florida Nutritional Counselor and the Florida and Alabama State Boards of Pharmacy has approved his programs for continuing education credits. 

He is the Founder of the Daytona Beach based Center for Nutrition & Life Management, Inc. for over 40 years and isPassionate about living a totally Disease-Free Lifestyle with a focus on Nutrition and a basic Philosophy, “If you want to be Tough you have to Eat Good Stuff”!